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  Raising Purchase Orders
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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
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1To raise a new Purchase order, click on the Raise Purchase Order Button. It is not possible to raise Purchase Orders on Completed or Withdrawn Site.
2In the New Form, complete the following fields which are required before the Purchase Lines can be added. Requested By - The Employee requesting the Purchase Order – This Defaults to the Operation manager Authorised By - The Contact the Purchase order will be sent to for Authorisation The Supplier – If they Do not exist, add them as a supplier from the Companies Tab on the Main Switchboard Delivery Address - Either a Store or the site as defined on the Trading Form
3Order Line - Select the Item name from the Drop Down list. If a new item is required, firstly check the list to ensure a suitable category does not exist, and then type the New Item name, using any existing naming Protocols. This will prompt you to add a new Item.
4The “job Number” and “Deliver To” Fields will default to the fields entered when initially raising the purchase order, but can be changed if required. Therefore one purchase order can cover many sites, and delivery can be to a variety of stores.
4Adding New PO Items
4.1Run the Report Purchase Order Line Management to Manage the Drop down items
5Get Authorisation - After the Order is complete, click on the Get Authorisation Button to Request Authorisation of the Order.
6Authorise PO - This button should be clicked by the contact who is identified and has permissions to Authorise the Purchase Order
7GRN Purchase Order - Clicking this button will GRN all lines on the Purchase Order to indicate the work has been completed and update the Complete Field. On a Purchase order with many Lines, care should be taken to ensure all lines have been completed before pressing this button. Alternatively, lines can be individually GRN’d by clicking on the GRN Line Button
8Print Purchase Order - This will provide a Preview of the Purchase order for printing, or faxing through third party software
9Store in Folder - This will save the order in a RTF (Microsoft Word) format in the Data Folder Defined against the Po’s Operation. Where a PO is raised against Many sites, the PO will be stored only once in the Principle site folder
10Email PO - This button will open the following Popup form. Select from the formats provided. Snapshot format is most desirable, but not all companies systems will support this format.
11Withdraw PO - Click this button to Withdraw the PO and All of its lines. On a Purchase order with many Lines, care should be taken to ensure all lines need withdrawing before pressing this button. Alternatively, lines can be individually Cancelled by clicking on the Cancel Button
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