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  Application of the GRN procedures within ATLAS (Single Line GRN)
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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
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1.1Goods receipt noting is the process whereby we goods or services are matched against a Purchase Order Line and marked as completed.
1.2Purchase Invoices received against Purchase Orders should not be approved for payment without complete Purchase Order or Purchase Order Line Being GRN'd.
2Applying a GRN to a Purchase Order or Purchase Order Line
2.1Locate the Purchase Order via the Purchase Order Number.
2.2To GRN a specific line, click the tick box against the line you wish to GRN.
2.3To GRN a complete Purchase Order with multiple lines, click on the GRN PO Button. CAUTION, this procedure cannot be undone.
3Additional Locations for GRN'ing within ATLAS
3.1From The Purchase Order
3.2When Authorising a Purchase Invoice for Payment
3.3From the PO Expense Tab on the Main Operation Form
3.4From the Billing Expense Account Module
4System Details
4.1The information recorded when a PO Line is GRN'd includes:
4.2The Date the Line was GRN'd
4.3The User GRN'ing the PO Line
5Terms and abbreviations
5.1GRN'd = the PO Line has been marked as goods / services received and completed.
5.2GRN'ing = The Process of marking goods / services as received and completed.
CaptionTop LabelControlTipNotes
Not GRNdNot GRNdQty of The Expense that has not been GRNd - Not Stock 
QtyQtyQty of the expense - Unit x Qty = Total 
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