System Module List

   Module Priority      
 Module NameModule DescriptionModule PriorityModule RefNo Articles
Data AdminData AdministrationSystem5.0113
System AdminSystem Administration (Including Server)System5.028
 Article TypeArticle DescriptionArticle Short NameArticle RefNo Articles
System OverviewOverview of Key System Modules, High Level Review without specific object detailsPublic 13
ATLAS Application ManualATLAS database support manual - based around individual forms (Help Reference Pages)PublicManual93
ATLAS Extranet ManualExtranets Support manual for Estate SystemsPublicManual5
ProceduresPublic Procedures (Non Database) Including Document and Tendering ProcessesPublicProcedure1
ATLAS Field DetailsAvailable Fields List with descriptions grouped by system modulesPublicManual15
Policy DocumentsCompany PoliciesPublic 6